Existing facilities include :

High Performances Cluster Computation Servers,

High-end workstations with advance configuration, which support almost all the commercial CAD tools (Cadence,Synopsys, Mentor Graphics etc).

Softwares for VLSI and nanoelectronics (Gaussian, VASP, Nanolab).

The hardware setup consists of 8 million gates capacity FPGA boards from Xilinx supported on the hardware accelerator:

IMAGE (obtained from Powai Labs) enabling faster simulation.



Infrastructure comprises of :

Wide variety of electrical characterization equipments for High frequency devices as well as DC measurements down to femto-amperes and probe station for wafer level characterizations including low temperature & high temperature capability.


  • Instruments like the spectrum analyzer, Logic analyzer, Vector Network analyzer, etc provide digital testing and RF circuit characterization facilities.


  • The Micro and Nanoelectronics Group has 8 faculty members and about 50 post-graduate students. There are 8 dedicated members of research staff working for sponsored projects.


  • The Lab is well networked and uses cluster computing for better performance. All the facilities in the group are shared by the faculty members, research staff and students.