Current Ph.D Scholars


Name: Akanksha D. Singh

Area of interest: MEMS Cantilever Sensors

Email id: akankshasingh222[at]gmail[dot]com

Contact number: +91-9421702153

Name: Meenu Rani

Area of research- Compressive Sensing

Email id- meenu.rani[at]students[dot]vnit[dot]

Name: Akash Joshi

Area of research : Mixed Signal Design

Email id - akash9183[at]gmail[com]com

Contact number: +91-8149702342


Area of research: Microfluidics and Lab on a chip

Email : tpravin.raj[at]students[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]in

Contact no: +91-7758832809


Area of Research: Internet of Things (Low Power IoT Design)


Contact number: +91-9595849498


Area of Research:- Empowering the Middle-ware architecture for Internet of Things with Software Defined Radio


Contact Number:- 9970414488

Name: Ravi Solanki

Area of Research: Computational Nanoelectronics, Semiconductor Device Simulation and Modelling

Contact no: 8975191889

email: ravisolanki.vnit[at]gmail[dot]com

Name : Anita A. Deshmukh

Area of Research : Low Power VLSI System design

E-mail : anita1711[at]yahoo[dot]com

Contact : +91-712-2801045


Name : Amol D. Morankar

Area of Research : Micro Electromechanical Systems for RF (RF MEMS)

Email : morankaramol [at]yahoo[dot]com

Contact : +91-712-2801045 / +91-712-2223230 / +91-9819619684


Name : Parveen Zode

Area of Research : Low Power VLSI System design

Email : pravinzode [at]yahoo[dot]com

Contact :


Name : Pankaj U. Joshi

Area of Research : Low Power VLSI System design

Email : panku_joshi2000 [at]yahoo[dot]com

Contact :


Name : Shrirang K Korde

Areas of Research : Compressive Sensing Recovery and it's vlsi implementation

Email : shrirang.korde [at]gmail[dot]com

Contact :


Name : Swapnali Ashish Makdey

Area of Research : Graphene
Contact :


Name : Vandana Jain

Area of Research : Microfluidic

Email : vandy087[at]gmail[dot]com

Contact :


Name : Mr. Parul V Sahare
Area of Research : Digital Image Processing,Pattern recognition.
Email : parulsahare2387[at]gmail[dot]com
Contact :


Name : Jaya D. Chandwani

Area of interest : Nanoelectronics (Carbon nanotubes)

Email id : jay13ch[at]gmail[dot]com

Contact :



Name: Eskinder Anteneh Ayele

Area of Interest: Signal and Image Processing, Electronic Instrumentation, Control Systems.

Email id: eskinderanteneh[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

Contact :




Ph.D Awarded Scholars

Name : S.B.Dhok

Area of Research : Design and Implementation of efficient image compression algorithms

Email : sbdhok [at]ece[dot]vnit[dot]ac[dot]inContact : 91-712-2801028 (O)

Name : Mahendra A. Gaikwad

Area of Research : Sensor nodes in Network on Chip,NOC.

Email :

Contact : 09822722881

Name : Ravi Kshirsagar

Area of Research : Low Power Digital ASIC Design

Email :Contact :

Name : Sudhir G. Akojwar

Area of Research : VLSI implemenation of data processor for wireless sensor network

Email :

Contact :

Name : Rajesh Pande

Area of Research : A CAD Tools design for RF MEMS.

Email :

Contact :

Name : R. B. Deshmukh

Area of Research : Low Power functional blocks for ECG wireless senor node on FPGA.

Email : rbdeshmukh [at]vnitnagpur[dot]ac[dot]in

Contact : +91-712 - 2801293